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Tel: 0845 388 0492       Email:

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Advice Line: 0844 330 3668

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Welcome to MagnaRep

If you are in need of any of our services then please  either Call us, Use the Contact us link and fill in the Form or get in touch via skype.


If you are a UK Border Force Agent, Please use the Advice Line number to reach us urgently

MagnaRep: Reptiles & Exotics, Rescue & Support is here to help benefit all exotic animals in any way we can.


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MagnaRep's Charity Store!

MagnaRep has expanded! we now have a charity store to help keep the rescue operation alive.


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Registered Charity: 1166622

HMRC Charity Number: 061000020269

We help them,

Because they can not help themselves !

MagnaRep is now sponsored by ExoticDirect Pet insurance. We offer a 30 Day Free Insurance voucher with every qualifying  adoption.


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Pet Insurance is one of those things that pet owners often put off, but when a pet becomes ill, the vet fees can often become a real worry.  Escalating fees can mean financial sacrifices and cost dependent treatment choices being made.


"Vet fees can easily run into the hundreds and occasionally even the thousands of pounds.  Meaning that even if you've saved money, it still may not be enough".


We can help....


At ExoticDirect we have over 20 years' experience in insuring a wide range of exotic pets.  We offer cover for parrots, lizards, snakes, tortoises, guinea pigs, rabbits, micropigs, rats and much more.  Our policies are designed to meet you and your pet's needs, offering you peace of mind against the unexpected.  Giving you one less thing to worry about.


We can offer:


Immediate cover*

Vet fee cover

Death and theft cover

A quick 5 day claims processing turnaround**

Claim payments to your vet if needed

An interest free (0% APR) Direct Debit Scheme

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Thank you all for continuing to support us and our Efforts to better the lives of animals. Things seem to be moving on with us and as we are (at present) self funded we would like to ask everyone that if you have some unwanted/un-needed Vivariums, Viv decorations, starter units, light units, bulbs....anything at all regarding the upkeep of reptiles, could you please donate them to MagnaRep. We appreciate all you do for us and were running out of space and good equiptment. If you have anything then please use the 'Donate' link Thank you again for your support.


MagnaRep is a non-profit, Self Funded and Voluntary exotic rescue Charity and re-homing service which rescues all types of exotic animals. We work alongside any organization that needs our help, including UK Border Force, Salford College, Manchester City Council, Salford City Council & Hyndburn Council. The Circumstances in which an animal comes to us does not matter Whether it's change of circumstances at home or an animal has been mistreated or is ill, We will endeavour to Rehabilitate and find them loving homes, whilst make their stay with us as comfortable as we can. We rely completely on our own funding and donations. Our aim is to rescue unwanted reptiles, exotics & re-home them to responsible, loving forever homes or offer sanctuary here with us if they are unfit for re-homing. We also offer a friendly advice service if you want to own a reptile, if you need help with one you own or if you can no longer care for one. We can accommodate all exotic pets and we have many years experience. Please don’t wait until its too late, if you have any doubts about your own ability to care for an animal then get in touch, we aim to educate so that you can have a better understanding of the animal and in some cases, a different perspective. We do not aim to take any animal and our first aim is to educate and to help the owner. Some leave it until the animal looks sick or on the brink of death and it is usually too late!


There are examples of this on this site, but i warn you if you do not want to see any animal cruelty then please heed the warning messages, they appear at the top of any page that contains images that may cause emotional distress. This site is here for everyone to enjoy, but it is also here to Show what we have to deal with, and to help you understand the importance of Proper Care. We have live a chat function available for you to gain advice and knowledge or just to join in with our community. Please register as a member to use this service. You do not need to be a member to use this site or to report any mistreating or animals in need of rescue. This is a free site and we will never ask you to pay for anything. If you are interested in re-homing an animal then contact us with the details, All homes will be thoroughly vetted and a Home Visit will be mandatory before an animal is released. An Adoption contract must also be signed to ensure the animal gets all necessary care and attention and to also ensure its wellbeing in the future. The Contract also States that if, for any reason you can no longer House the animal you have adopted, it MUST be returned to us.

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